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Re: Sarah Fell b 1807 Douglas
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Lynne, Here’s the familysearch advice for looking at burials.


Sign in.

Click search / drop down menu “records”

Using “Search Historical Records” page, type in as little as possible.

For Isabella Ann Crebbin’s burial, try:

Last name---Crebbin
select “Death”
Death place –Braddan
Death Year 1837 / 1837

This shows one result above the blue bar---Mary Ann Crebbin 6 Oct 1837. Click the camera icon on the right.

You now have an image of the page from the Braddan burial register and the image is number 224 (of 336).

Using the headstone inscription wording from my previous message, you can see that the only possible Isabella Ann Crebbin with the same date of death as Mary Ann Crebbin, is the one whose surname is transcribed as Cubbin.

Click the back arrow to take you to the “Search results from historical records”, scroll to the bottom of the page and look at “Search results from user submitted genealogies”. Click Isabella Ann Crebbin.

What you find in this user-submitted section needs to be viewed with some scepticism because some people submit inaccurate details. However, you sometimes find really useful bits, eg the Braddan MI (in the “Notes (3)” section down the left side).

Jean C