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Lynne, here are a few thoughts / overview of your “looking for descendants of Sarah Crebbin nee Fell”.

I’ve compared all the relevant James Crebbin entries in the 1841, 1851 and 1861 IOM censuses (using Brian Lawson’s indexes) and then looked at the actual census pages. The conclusion I’ve come to is that your Sarah Fell’s son (bap James Nelson “Crellin” 1 March 1835 Douglas to William “Crellin” and Sarah Fell) was almost certainly the 6yr old James Crebbin living in Ann Moscroft’s household in 1841, and the 25 yr old newly-married JC in 1861 in Douglas. The bit where you need to suspend your disbelief is the fact that JC’s 1835 baptism was transcribed by both familysearch and imuseum as Crellin, even though there was no Wm Crellin/Sarah Fell couple ---but there definitely was a Wm Crebbin/Sarah Fell couple who had married in 1831 and had produced a daughter in 1831/2. My guess is that in JNC’s baptism entry, the word Crebbin was written badly so that it looked like Crellin.


CREBBIN James 9 Rushen 1465/11 22 9
CREBBIN James 8 Andreas 1463/1 16 8
CREBBIN James 6 Braddan 1463/5 54 13
CREBBIN James 2 Douglas 1465/3 22 19


MOSTCROFT Ann 35 Braddan 1463/5 54 13
MOSTCROFT Catherine 10 Braddan 1463/5 54 13
MOSTCROFT Thomas 13 Braddan 1463/5 54 13

(same household as 6 yr old James Crebbin)


CREBBIN James 18 Rushen 2526 322 19
CREBBIN James 16 Andreas 2524 59 30
CREBBIN James 13 Douglas 2525 152 148
CREBBIN James 1 Rushen 2526 283 37

The 13 yr old in 1851 is the same person as the 2 yr old in 1841, son of Thomas Crebbin, painter.

The James Crebbin who was a 6 yr old in 1841 (the one living with Ann Moscroft/Laborn who Frances has told you about) isn’t listed as James Crebbin in this 1851 IOM census. If that particular James Crebbin was on the IOM at census time in 1851, he was either listed under a different name or he was mistranscribed. A more likely reason for his non-appearance in this IOM census is that he could have been in England or he may have been away fishing eg at Kinsale.

CREBBIN James 46 Rushen 4430 24 4
CREBBIN James 27 Andreas 4410 52 5
CREBBIN James 25 Douglas 4416 66 203

This 25 yr old is the JC who married Jane Cowley in January 1861, giving his father’s name as William Crebbin.


Now James’s sister:

Isabella Ann Crebbin bap 27 June 1832 to Wm Crebbin and Sarah Fayle.


MI copied from familysearch:

“MI, Braddan Old Yard North: Here repose the remains of Mary Ann Crebbin, daughter of Alexander Crebbin of Douglas, who departed this life the 6th of Oct 1837, aged 20 years. Also Isabella Crebbin, daughter of W. Crebbin, who died the 6th of Oct 1837,aged 6 years.”

So it does look as though you can’t expect to trace any descendants of the sister of your James Crebbin.

By the 1841 census, JNC may well have been an orphan ---- his father and sister are in the burial register. Or was his mother still alive and perhaps working on the mainland, leaving her son in the care of Ann Moscroft ?

Jean C