Manx Genealogy

Re: Wades and Patrick Cannell (Ann) KK Michael

except that the above tree is wrong!
The marr contract I mentioned earlier explicitly gave the parents of Pat Cannell as John Cannel + Jane Callter - they married in Michael 17411013 but farmed Dow/Daw on Bishop's demesne and their 3 children are noted in the Ballaugh register with Patrick bapt 17440309 ie in 1745 new style hence his parents needed to give consent for the marriage in 1765 - the actual marriage was in Michael with Mary noted of Ballaugh - the Cannells had aquired Kiondroghad in 1749 along with Robert Callister (a deed in 1759 saw the purchased land given by parents to Pat - Mary was an orphan and older than Pat she probably brought land into the marriage - Kiodroghad is one of the farms comprising four towns to the west of Bishopscourt and is covered in a section on MNB in gazateer under Orrisdale or the four towns

I have no idea where the tree referenced by Donna originated but being significantly wrong in one major point suggests carelessness elsewhere