Manx Genealogy

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Frances, small update, have found another autosomal DNA match (Nancy Adams) with roots in Isle of Man. She also happens to be a Gorry/Gorrie descendant of the same line:

That of Patrick Gorry/Gorrie and Ann Cowin. I have found several baptisms in Patrick and German:
1. William Gorry/Gorrie 1791
2. Elizabeth Gorry/Gorrie 1793
3. Ellinor Gorry/Gorrie 1795
4. Elenor Gorry/Gorrie 1797
5. Thomas Gorry/Gorrie 1803
6. Mary Gorry/Gorrie 1805

I believe Alan Charles Gorry to be a descendant of 5. Thomas Gorry/Gorrie 1803 and his wife Mary Kaighin.

I believe Nancy Adams to be a descendant of 3. Ellinor Gorry/Gorrie and her husband Thomas Crebbin.

It's coming together now; just need to find where our family fits i.e. Y-DNA proves that it's a direct male descendant of this line and autosomal DNA confirms that it's in the last 5-8 generations.