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Re: Brew / Corlett
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I see you still use the email and postal addresses from Nov 1997 when you wrote on page 126 in the “Members Interests” section of the I.O.M.F.H.S. journal, asking for information.
You also posted on the I.O.M. Genealogy Bulletin board at various times in 2001 and 2002 and again in Feb 2007 which prompted certain replies..
The website by Steve Brew was last updated in April 2007!

Our interest lies in the one name study of “Corlett” which was started pre internet days.
It was noted on our papers that some dubious claims had been made possibly leading researchers astray and also that some spurious claims were made about the couple below in particular.
We would like to know the precise date and source of the Brew/Corlett marriage before commenting further!