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Re: Craine family early 1800s
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Hi David

Sorry, I just read your message quickly (late at night !)

From what you wrote........

“After that negativity I had another (Big) look for William Crane and at first found one where his POB was listed in 1850 as Isle Than !!! No wonder I could not find him in 1850. He was in Lockport Niagara 1850/60/70/80/92 , then could not find his death , he changed from Crane to Craine from 1880 , but at the last minute, I found his Naturalization Record which showed he had arrived in the US June 1841 and born November 1824 in Ireland !!! Another example of incorrect detail , he shows his POB Isle of Man on every census, it was transcribed incorrectly in 1850. “


....... I didn’t pick up that you’d dismissed him as a possible brother of Mary Ann.