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Hi Blair

I think Jean had missed the fact that I had to dismiss Lockport William Crane because of his arrival date in the U.S.
You are right about the Scots and surnames from the mother.
My father's mother was Mary Fagan, my mum's mother was Margaret Thomson nee Lister. My eldest sister ended up with :
Margaret (Peg) Lister Thomson Dwyer and my second eldest Mary (Molly) Fagan Dwyer.
Another interesting note to you, my eldest sister married a U.S. Soldier in Melbourne 1944 , 23 days before I was born, and I ended up with his name as my second christian name - Paul. Not many people can say they were named after their brother-in-law !!
I am still trying to find John Frederick Crane in the 1850 Census - he must be there !!! Am looking at born Ireland at the moment. If we find him we might also find William and Ann.