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Re: Craine family early 1800s
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A few months ago I purchased some original correspondence between a W.A. Craine of Douglas and a Mildred Fainstrom of Galva, Illinois. The letters and notes begin in 1947 and continue through 1953. Most of the correspondence was written by W.A. assisting Mildred in her Craine research.

The papers include a small hand-drawn tree by W.A. back to John Craine, Braddan circa 1704, then to John 1772 – 1821, Edward 1801 – 1882 and so on.

I purchased the letters in order to save them for posterity. I am donating the originals to the Family History Society Library. If you are interested in the information I can email you PDF copies of them for your review.

Gary Clucas - Seattle