Manx Genealogy

Craine family early 1800s

Mary Ann Craine (my 3rd great-grandmother) was born in the IOM about 1826 (per US census data). She was in the US by 1848 when her eldest son William C Darling was born in Louisiana.

I am trying to find where she was born in the IOM, and who her parents were.

The best lead I have right now is an entry record at Castle Garden 25 Jul 1834--mother Ann (age 26) and three children, Mary Ann (age 7), William (age 6) and John (age 2). I cannot confirm that this is the right family, but it's the best I've got right now.

I have located other records which indicate that Mary Ann's father's name may have been John (there's a baptismal record from St George's dated 14 Jan 1827. I have found marriages between John Craine and Ann Cannon, Ann Cannell (or Cunnell), and birth record for a William Richard Craine (22 Nov 1829) with parents John Craine and Ann Quayle.

My theory right now is that John died and the family emigrated shortly thereafter. I'm trying to track the family group noted above in the US, but it's slow going.

Any assistance in sorting the IOM side out is greatly appreciated!