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Thank you for the copy of the baptismal notice for John Nugent. I am not surprised to find Robert attended the church you described. My mother's family were members of the Orange Order in Birkenhead. We were all brought up attending what is described as High Church of England and probably why none of her family became our godparents!! It was interesting to find it was the Nugent side of her family that my mother's family followed as I had always thought it was her James Monaghan roots, it could be that side as well of course. I have personally not seen the record for the marriage it was on another persons family tree and showed the witnesses being Jane Quine and the family. I have been on a variety of sites to see if I could find proof but have not been able to. I have been in contact with County Down Genealogy site and found a Robert Nugent there in Kilkeel in 1834. I think I am going to put this search on hold as I will be going to visit Kilkeel in the Spring and will visit the churches and see if it is correct. I have a feeling it may be one of the 'hints' My Heritage send out and it may or may not be correct. I am not with My Heritage and don't want to pay for a years subscription on a 'hint'. Thank you so much Frances for your help it has at least given me a better understanding of the Nugent family.