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David Dwyer
This is what I have for William SayLe.

Mr¬ William¬ [middle name?]¬ Sayle

Born¬ about¬ 1820¬ ¬ in¬ Peel Isle of man

Son¬ of¬ [father?]¬ and¬ Isabella Sayle

Husband of¬ Margaret (Mylchreest) Sayle¬ ‚ÄĒ married¬ 22 Feb 1846¬ in¬ Bradden Middle Isle of Man


Father of¬ Margaret Jane Sayle,¬ William Edward Sayle,¬ Elizabeth (Sayle) Watterson,¬ Louisa Emma (Sayle) Hodgson¬ and¬ John Sayle¬ [add child]

Died¬ [death date?]¬ [place of death?]