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Re: Message for Eric Gelling re: USA Gellings

Dear Rowena.
Thank you. Yes I would be interested in seeing the family history. Email is egelling at shaw dot ca. I have Robert Raisbeck Gelling born 1867 Lonan IOM, died 1949 Sutton Coldfield RD, married Florence Daniels 1893 Warwick) but very little after. I don't record recent generations but am now extending into the 1940s so I can capture WW II.

It was interesting reading the thread from 6+ years ago, including my long message written Jan 1 2012. I didn't meet my resolution to "complete Gelling" by the end of 2012 (still at it!). I also checked what I wrote about the ancestry backwards from Francis Gelling, and it is correct. Regarding the missing baptism for Thomas Gelling 1769 I have since seen the images of the Braddan register on Family Search and it looks like the clerk has mixed up 3 baptisms of the same day 22 June. On one of the other ones "Thos" has been crossed out and replaced with "Anne".

Recently I was able to add two more generations to the beginning of the Ballamillaghyn group of Gellings. John Gelling of the 1733 will (where your ancestor John Gelling son of Ann Kneale was the exec'r ), turns out to be the "Jo: Gelling Son of Wm" baptized 18 Feb 1669/70 Braddan. He will the be unnamed underage [under 14] heir in the 1683 will of William Gelling who was buried Braddan 1683 "Wm Gellin of Ballemillehan June 24". [Thank you to Patsy Craggs who recently found this one and sent it to me … haven't gotten it fully transcribed and posted yet.]. From the wording of the will it looks like he passed his share of "Baldell Milne" to his heir and wanted to ensure that if the heir died before being of age, his purchased property would not go the next heir (whoever that might have been). William had several daughters before John and no other sons. William is almost certainly the "brothers son William Gelling" mentioned a couple of times in William Gelling's 1664 will, who was given his share of "Baldell Milleat". I'm guessing the "brother" will be named John but can't prove it yet.

According to the Manx Notebook Baldell Mill is Baldwin Mill and on the map is just a bit north of Ballamillaghyn. I'd like to find out more about the history of Baldell Milne because I think the Gelling ancestry links into it further back.