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Esther Sayle Andreas 1800-1864

Hello again all
Seeking more information on Esther Sayle b ca 1800 d 1864
married Lace Radcliffe IN ANDREAS with whom she had 8 children
No known parents
they lived at The Larivane on a 10 acre farm
note there was a WILLIAM SAYLE living at another property in the larivane at the same time ( born 1796) aged 45 on the 1841 census- could this have been her brother?
ALSO note this deed : "Bond and Security. Lace Radcliffe and Esther Radcliffe, his wife to Philip Teare, president of the Andreas Benevolent Society. Part of Larivane in the parish of Andreas. Deed ref.: MS 09494/1849/02/022. (Deed requisition book entry: L 22639/1/2047.)" - what does this mean- does it mean they are in debt to Mr Teare

any information very welcome

hoping to visit Andreas at CHristmas