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Woodlands Lodge, Quarter Bridge Rd

Hi everyone

I have recently ordered some birth, marriage and death certificates from IoM.

I am struggling to find the residence that shows on a birth & death certificate.

Birth Certificate for Lucy Annie Holroyd, born 06 August 1916 shows: Woodlands Lodge, Quarter Bridge Road, Douglas

Death Certificate for James Holroyd, died 22 December 1919 shows the same address

James Holroyd did previously live at 14 Sydney Street, where he was a grocer

All documents I have also show that James Holroyd was a Grocer (profession).

Except but on the MC for Lucy Annie Holroyd to Thomas Herbert Gelling (m. 26.04.1950) and DC for Annie Holroyd, his widow (d. 16.01.1969), profession has changed to "A Gardener"

Not sure if this change of profession is linked to the change of address & Woodlands Lodge, but I can't find anything about it. Looked on the newspaper archive (found "Wesbrook" and this was an advert for rental), but not much else.

Was wandering if anyone recognised the name?

I have my trip planned for coming over to IoM in a couple of weeks, so trying to organise myself a bit!!

Thank you,

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