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Re: Philip Allen's FTM file
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Hello again Greg,

I am relieved to be able to tell you that I have found a copy of Philip's 53-page Word draft on the descendants of Mark Joughin and Esther Quayle (his ancestors), and which includes his Kaighin connection. He calls it a "large narrative pedigree" and explains that "When there are changes to the descendants of Mark and Esther Joughin I like to update my FTM program and this pedigree at the same time, so as not to miss one or the other. I stopped when I lost Windows XP. Once I get it going again one way or the other, I mean to resume work on both".

He emailed this to me at the beginning of 2015, a year before he died. I didn't add it to my Word files because not my family.

I'll send you a copy to the gmail address I have for you, and also send it to the IOMFHS Library.