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various will summaries on MNB
1763:Mary Boddaugh als Corlet - d 3 mar;husb robt exor;child on her bearing;her right to purchased close ellan-e-voddee;only dau ellinor(intack rush close geall);son robt;mo-i-law elinor kneal
1785: DoG dated 5 apr 1785;'long time in ill state of health;fa robert;stepmo margery als corlet (leaves gift of rush close giatt? in lezayre);mother mary als corlet;sibs robt,john,danl,margery [court may 1785]
1808: dated 9 dec 1805;relict Robt Boddaugh;ch john(off Island),margery(w/o wm cain (holds mortgage on close-renny)), danl(all lands inc close renny) exor;