Manx Genealogy

Re: Glencrutchery or Knottfield childrens homes

in the latter stages of 1969,at Glencruchery,the older kids helped move items down to Knottfield,Knottfield house was gifted to the Government to be used as a children's home for destitute children,the original owners of Knottfield house were,up until a few years ago,still living in Douglas yet i do not know if they are still alive today,the new children's home at Knottfield began at the start of 1970,none of the old staff of Glencruchery children's home ( except for the house master and his wife ) moved with us to Knottfield.there is a photo of Glencruchery school in the Nov/Dec 1977 issue of Manx Life which shows Norman Wisdom with some of the kids and staff,the older kids of Glencruchery were attending outside schooling in 1968.