Manx Genealogy

Re: John Stevenson & Ellinor Kewley m c 1745

I really must give my thanks for all that info you have given me, It has been unbelievably useful. I have found a small glitch in Eric's story. It concerns John and Margaret Gelling , who both died about 1724/5. In the Manx note book cd Trancriptions of wills, there are what to me appear to be transcriptions of their wills. They give an alias for Margaret as KNEALE not Christian. Is this because she had married before or was it a typo? The will mentions all the right people including her grandchild Ellinor Kewley, so I am sure it is the right one. Once again Thanks .
To Karen, the wills you pointed me to were very interesting thanks. JC thanks for correcting the film number, I could have been looking for weeks.