Manx Genealogy

Jane Kermeen

I've been tracing my grandmother, Jane Kermeen who married William Henry Quayle in Ramsey in 1877 and who died in 1936.
Jane was ch 29 June 1858 and in the 1861 census her mother was Jane and father possibly Cowley. Her mother's parents were John Kermeen and Jane Corkill and they had at least six children: Esther b 1825; William 1828; John William 1830; Jane 1832; Charles 1836 and Robert 1839. Family Search also records a Catherine Kermeen with the same parents b 1814 and I wondered if there was a transcription error - 1824 would fit with the current family composition.
I think John's parents are William Kirmeen and Margaret Kelly.
If anyone else is following this line I'd like to hear from them and confirm I'm on the right track.