Manx Genealogy

Re: Lemon Cottage & Wheatsheaf Hall-WS Caine

Hi Donna,

Thank you for your reply, i have read through all previous messages RE Nathaniel Caine and already have most of that information although did find some new pieces which we have added to our collection.

What we are doing is researching the history of the Wheatsheaf hall formally known as Wheatsheaf Mission hall, and also Mr W S Caine, his wife Mrs W S Caine (Alice Nee Brown daughter of Hugh Stowell Brown), Rev James Guinness Rogers DD who laid a foundation stone to the Wheatsheaf Hall, Maria Ennis who owned Lemon Cottage before William Sproston Caine brought it off her, and anyone else linked to Mr W S Caine.

We would also love to get in touch with any of his descendants, i have already emailed Oliver on his email address last week and still hoping for a reply. I don't have an for Stephen so unfortunately can't email him direct.

We are getting all possible information together because we love this building and are keen to know the full history of the building and everyone involved. One day we would like to write a book about the history of the Wheasheaf hall.

We hope some people will get in touch with us so we can get as much information as possible and learn more about Mr Caine and hopefully the Wheatsheaf hall.

Best wishes,

Michael McGrath