Manx Genealogy


Thank you again Frances. I will see what I can find through the Manx Museum.
Your point regarding marriage prior to 1847 outside of the established church would seem to answer the question as to why he married in an Anglican Church. Andrew’s mother and his brother, Thomas, are listed on the convict indents as being Catholic, so that probably explains the later Catholic baptisms and also his and his wife’s funerals.
The guardian, William Quayle, may have been one of the two William Quayle’s listed at a Ballaugh Vestry meeting in April 1830. There were nine other Quayles at that meeting so Quayle was a fairly common name on the island. Apparently only one of the Williams could sign his name, but this gets us no closer to who he was.
Like you I have not found Andrew’s name on the 1841 Census which was taken on the 5/6 June, Andrew married on the 15th. I have not found his wife’s name on that census either.
As the Lyncheys were Catholic and Quayle appears to have been an Anglican I think that some factor other than religion played a role in his appointment.
I will keep searching.