Manx Genealogy


I have never seen such a list nor heard of a reference to one (that doesn't prove its non-existence however); the Governor often had to write letters re those sent onto England for transportation - the letter books(duplicate copies of letters sent) are held by Manx Museum - there may be such a letter that may mention guardianship of the boy but suspect this is a tedious personal search

however Andrew is noted as 30 in 1851 census (can't find him in 1841) thus born c.1821 so prob 11-12 when mother transported - with no property and only 2 years before reached age I suspect an informal arrangement - the guardianship for marriage might be no more than someone in a position of responsibility giving permission for a 20yr old to get married

his ch are baptised Roman Catholic - there is in 1841 a Charles Linchey + ?wife residing in the known catholic + mostly Irish Collins family (in 1851 in Castletown and aged 37 - he would have been old enough to be appointed guardian if related and on-Island in 1832)