Manx Genealogy


My G.G.G Grandmother, Sarah Lynchey [spelled several ways] was
> sentenced at Castle Rushen in 1832 to transportation to New South
> Wales. Sometime between the sentencing and Sarah leaving for Australia
> a guardian was appointed for a son, Andrew, who was too old to
> accompany his mother. I.E. he was older than eight years.
> By the time that Andrew married at Ballaugh in 1841 the guardian was
> William Quayle; he may have been the only guardian that Andrew had.
> Does anyone know how a guardian would have been appointed on the IoM
> in the 1830s? Would this have been a matter for the government or a
> church in the first place or perhaps in the absence of any parental arrangement?
> Would a guardian have any influence as to which denomination would
> solemnise the marriage?
> Peter
> Melbourne
> Australia