Manx Genealogy

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Hi Frances,

Thanks for your response. The link with Alan Gorry is a Y-DNA link i.e. paternal line (father's father's father etc). The TiP report indicates a 98.82% likelihood of a shared ancestor in the last 8 generations i.e. there's a 4 generation gap that I'm trying to close between Alan's paternal line and ours. Alan gave his most distant paternal ancestor as: William Gorry 1750-1789 [pob not determined]

Re: autosomal DNA however, that's not the maternal line (mother's mother's mother etc). Maternal line is mitochondrial DNA.

Autosomal is the other 22 pairs of DNA i.e. contributions from both paternal and maternal lines. It's fantastic for determining relationships within the last 5 generations.

What led me here is that we have Y-DNA link with Alan Gorry from Isle of Man, and an autosomal link with Theresa Corris from Isle of Man. Both from Isle of Man.

My grandmother told us that Joseph Corrie identified as Irish. His specific Y-DNA SNPs are found through England, Scotland and Ireland. In the Z253+ project, in our group, there are Carey, Corr and Corrie for example. Entirely plausible the family originated somewhere other than Isle of Man.

In our case though, they almost certainly passed through Isle of Man.