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Hi Michael

After reading Peter's post on multiple same names in Kirks on the IOM (Which I am well aware of), I decied to track all the possibilities on who James Kermeen buried Oct 8, 1852 could be.
Looked on the 1851 census, we know your James was at Ballacriggan aged 66, went to Brian Lawson's Census Index on the IOMFHS site and there were 8 named James Kermeen , your James 66 the next youngest was 35 living in Lezayre.
This seems to indicate the J K buried in 1852 must be yours.
Looked again at Mary , only burial 1851 to 1861 was Mary Ann aged 18 in Lezayre.
From BL's Census index only close by age was 51 at Ballagory in Maughold, but she is unmarried , shown as head, but a servant.
On the LDS IGI looked for Mary in the U.S. sometimes you get Immigration records and earlier State census, but found nothing.
Tried to find as much as I could on Mary's son John in the hope of finding her.
Found his State record of death July 1, 1927 and confirms parents as Jas Kirmeen and Mary Kinrads ( As spelt , strangely John is correct as Kermeen)
Found him on 1871 US Census in Missouri with wife Anna b NY , 3 kids born Illinois and 1 born Missouri ( Anna was only 21 in 1871 census - and 4 kids !!).
On the 1880 census he in Galva.

I was hoping Mary may have been with son John on 1871 census, but no.

Will keep looking for Mary, does anybody have any other ideas ?