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Yes thank you I have read your posting(s)
Our remit is only the manx born with the surname Corlett!
I asked the questions to check and guide you

There were two John Corletts with a wife called Margaret married about 1828/1830 and living in Maughold I.O.M.
This over the years has caused confusion to a number of people on the internet as they both had children.
One Margaret Corlett, a sibling of John, married her cousin another John Corlett. from a nearby farm.
The LDS amongst others have variously entered the mother of the children under either Marg’t/Margaret or Isabella.
There where also others with the surname Hogg, Kermeen etc in the same area and adjoining Parishes.
Generally because of families intermarrying in the close knit and insular farming area of this parish .
We have the usual traps for following the wrong line!
The various manx people mentioned in past postings both in/from the Isle of Man and those congregating in the same area after emigration would know something of each other.

Pre 1993 and the internet, our findings of the Corlett family you may be interested in is shown below.

For Julia read Judith


John Corlett= Margaret (Marg’t)



Nb. The details of this marriage were never found!
(0304/2548) John CORLETT
He was the son of John Corlett of Rhenabb Maughold and Mary Kissack (Kissage)
He was born 05th Jan and chr. 06th Jan 1804 at Ry/Md.
He was at first an Agricultural Labourer at Rhenabb Maughold.
He is a farmer in 1837 Pigot’s Directory.
In the 1841 census he is aged 35 and has with him his wife Margaret aged 35 and five children:-
Mary CORLETT aged 11.
Judith CORLETT aged 9.
John CORLETT aged 7.
Thomas CORLETT aged 4.
Daniel CORLETT aged 2?.
I.O.M.F.H.S. ref 3-16-66.
Ref HO107-1464b-Page 149
In the 1851 census we have:-
John CORLETT aged 46 Head at Rhenabb Maughold Proprietor Farming 16 acres born in Md
His wife Margaret aged 47 born in Md
Judith CORLETT daughter aged 17 Employed at Home
John CORLETT son aged 15 at Home
Thomas CORLETT son aged 12 a Scholar
Daniel CORLETT son aged 10? a Scholar
Robert CORLETT son aged 9 a Scholar
James CORLETT son aged 6 a Scholar
All born in Maughold
Mary Kelley niece aged 3 born in Maughold
Ref HO107-2524b-Pages 183/184-86
Nb. This family group was not found together on the I.O.M. again
It is believed some of them emigrated alongside other local family groups to North America c1855.(Outside our remit)

Margaret (Marg’t) (Isabella) Hogg born c1805 in Jurby. etc. from other sources such as LDS and postings in 2004.
Nb. It is more likely she was Marg’t Hogg chr 25th July 1802 at Md
If so then she was the daughter of John Hogg and Ann Marg’t Kirmeen.

(?) Mary CORLETT born c1830 in Md
(/3722) Mary Marg’t CORLETT chr 16th May 1830 @ Md. (1-page 1792)
Is this the same child?
(?) Judith CORLETT born c1831 in Md.
She was chr (/3044) 05th Aug 1832 @ Md
(?) John CORLETT born c1833 in Md.
(/2672) John CORLETT chr 25th Dec 1833 or 1835 @ Md (1-page 1753)
Is this the same child?
He married 0436 Jane Caley and later took over Rhenabb.
(/0862) Dan’l CORLETT chr 18th Oct 1835 @ Md.(1-page 1683)
He died aged 13? And was buried on 13th March 1851 at Maughold
(?) Thomas CORLETT born c1836 in Md. (See Notes)
He was chr (/4514) 24th Sept 1837 @ Md
(/0863) Dan’l John? CORLETT chr 22nd Sept 1839 @ Md.(1-page 1683)
He died aged 13 and was buried on 13th Mar 1851 @ Md.
(?) Robert CORLETT born c1842 in Maughold/Lonan?
We find him in the 1861 census as follows:-
Thomas Lace aged 34 Head at Grenaby Bride a Married Farmer of 320 acres born in Bride
Nb. He employed three and had twelve others with him plus:-
Robert CORLETT aged 18 a Farm Labourer born in Lezayre?
Ref RG9-4413-page 367 of 72 (4413-19-30)
He possibly married 0642 Charlotte Cain(e)
This Robert Corlett is a doubtful but possible claim!
(?) James CORLETT born c1845 in Maughold/Lonan?

Nb. Where you see question marks it is because birth dates/places were not found but others have claimed them to be.

1.page 1822
5. Burials.
9. mnb p.9,also Bulletin Wed 30th June 2004
28. 1841,1851,1861

We have another John CORLETT and Margaret living in Maughold at the same time! (See 0370)
We believe that this Margaret (Corlett ) was a sister to (0304/2548) and the man she married was her cousin who was a labourer at Talloo Mitchal (various spellings), Md.
This family is claimed to belong to a tree by Graeme Hill. and Les Corlett
There have been various spin offs due to extended trees by others .
See Bulletin Wed. 30th June 2004. And 1024
Misc0478 Thomas CORLETT of Maughold born c1835 died aged 78 in 1913
Source:- 12. Page 11
Some ages/dates conflict!
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