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Hi Rick, apologies, I don't mean that Gorry and Corrie are related as a rule. I meant in our case that they are. My 111 panel Y-match was with the late Alan Charles Gorry (who used to be a regular visitor to this board).

Then there is the autosomal DNA match to a Gary Marra whose paternal grandmother was Therese Corris, daughter of Thomas, son of William & Bridget Corris of Isle of Man & Ireland respectively.

Joseph Johannes Corrie's children were all born and baptised in South Africa and the spelling of his name & last name varies considerably e.g.

Listed as Jozef Johannes Cori on his eldest daughter 1. Anna Petronella's baptismal entry. 1887.
Listed as Jozef Johannes Corri on his eldest son 2. Joseph Johannes' baptismal entry. 1888.
Listed as Joseph Corrie on his third eldest daughter 4. Clarisse Gertuida's baptismal entry. 1891.
Listed as Joseph Johannes Corry (Lorry?) on his fourth eldest daughter 5. Elizabeth's baptismal entry. 1893.
Listed as Joseph Correy on his third eldest son 6. Ernest Lodewyk's baptismal entry. 1896.
Listed as Josef Johannes Corey on his youngest son 7. Willem Jacobus' baptismal entry. 1897.
Listed as Jozef Johannes Corie on his second youngest daughter Judith Merina Adriana's baptismal entry. 1899.