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Hi Jean,

Good to hear from you again!

Thanks for the posts on Eleanor Cannel. The source of the information may be felt to be unreliable but it gives me a pointer in a useful direction. Back to Elinor Hingley in fact. Unfortunately Elinor Hingley's daughter with Robert Cannel, Elinor Cannel, can't be the wife of John Collister as it looks as though she died in infancy. I'll copy the register entries below in case anyone can see an error, or in case there's something there of use to someone else.

Elinor d/o Richard Hingley & Anne Bridson his wife c. 22 Jul 1753 Malew

Robert Cannel of Kk Braddan & Elinor Hingley of this parish married in presence of Matthias?? & John Hampton 8th Sept 1772 Malew

John s/o Robert Cannell & Elinor Hingley c. 24 Oct 1773 Malew

Robert Cannel of Tromode buried 4 Jan 1776 Braddan

Elinor ^posthumous d/o Robt Cannal & Elr Hingley bapt privately (and recd. April 8 – 1776) 24 Jan 1776

Elinor Cannel an Infant daur. of Robert Cannel of Tromode dec’d & Elinor Cannel als Hinley buried 29 Apr 1776 Braddan [indexed by FamilySearch as burial of Robert Cannel]

The mother, Elinor Cannel als Hingley then married again as you mentioned:

William Crellin of Kk German & Elinor Cannal als Kingley of this parish married in presence of Patrick Clucas & Silvester Crillin 26 Feb 1778 Malew

Lucy d/o William Crellin & Ellinor Hinley privately baptised 17 Jan 1779 German
Thomas p.b. 11 June 1780 German
Elizabeth Ann p.b.22 June 1781 German
Margaret c.18 Jan 1784 German

Elinor Crellin als Hingley buried 9 Jul 1820 German

I'm now looking at an Eleanor Cannel d/o Charles Cannel & (another) Anne Bridson c.20 Aug 1775 Rushen. A good date but it would be neater if it wasn't Rushen.