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Re: Robert Corlett & Elizabeth Cottier family

Hi Carol,

I don't know if the Elizabeth Corlett mentioned in the 1808 Marown, IOM will for William Cottier is, in fact, the wife of Robert Corlett. That's why I posted to this board in hopes of finding someone researching this Robert Corlett line who could help me figure this out.

I was completely surprised in finding a daughter, Elizabeth Corlett, listed in William Cottier's will when I believed his son, John Cottier, was the only child.

In trying to find an Elizabeth Cottier born to a William Cottier in Marown, IOM, the only record that I could find was the 1778 Marown, IOM christening record for an Elizabeth Cottier born to William Cottier and Jane Quine.

Elizabeth Cottier was born three years before William Cottier married Catherine Caroline Christian on 23 Oct. 1781, Their son, John Cottier, was born 28 March 1782 in Marown, IOM.

In running a search to find an Elizabeth Cottier married to a Corlett, the 23 Feb. 1800 Braddan, IOM marriage of Robert Corlett and Elizabeth Cottier was the only record that popped up.

If you look at the image of William Cottier's 1808 Marown, IOM will, you'll see that in addition to what he left to his daughter, Elizabeth Corlett, he, also, left some money to her children. In looking a birth records of the children of Robert & Elizabeth Cottier Corlett, there were three children born to them between 1800 and 1808, the year William Cottier died.

Also, what is of interest to me is what Frances posted about William Cottier mortgaging half of his farm in 1801 and the sale in trust by Revd. John Cottier to a Robert Corlett. The first child, John, of Robert and Elizabeth Cottier Corlett was born in Dec. of 1800 and in 1801 William Cottier mortgages part of his farm. Did he mortgage the farm to set up a trust for his daughter, Elizabeth, or for a child born to his daughter in Dec. 1800? Revd. John handles the trust sale to Robert Corlett in 1829, was William Cottier's daughter, Elizabeth Corlett, deceased by then? I don't know. If Elizabeth Corlett wasn't the wife of Robert Corlett, why did Revd. John Cottier handle a trust sale to a Robert Corlett? A lot of questions for me to try to find answers to now.

Robert Corlett and Elizabeth Cottier married in Braddan, IOM in 1800.

Elizabeth Corlett's brother, Revd. John Cottier, married Jane Moore, daughter of Peter Moore and Mary Cottier, in St. Georges, Douglas, IOM in 1810, they're the parent's of my gggrandfather, Claudius T. Cottier.

Frances mentioned Bishop Claudius Criggan, who died in 1813. Bishop Claudius Criggan was the one who ordained Revd. John Cottier in 1804. My gggrandfather, Claudius Thomas Cottier, was christened in 1814. I'm guessing that Revd John Cottier named his son in honor of the man who ordained him.

What is of interest to me was the first name that the son of Robert & Elizabeth Cottier Corlett, Robert Corlett, gave to his son, Claudius French Corlett.

Claudius French Corlett , son of Robert Corlett and Lydia Stott, was christened 1 May 1836 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. Was it just coincidence that he given the name "Claudius," or was he named after my gggrandfather, Claudius T.Cottier? I have no way of knowing.

Claudius French Corlett married Elizabeth Susannah Hodgson on 14, Sept. 1860 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. He and his wife are listed in the 1861 census.

Claudius French Corlett, who later went by the name of Claude French Corlett, and a brother, Benjamin Stott Corlett, emigrated from London, England in 1863 on the ship, Annie Wilson, arriving in Auckland, New Zealand. I don't know what happened to Claudius French Corlett's wife, Elizabeth Susannah Hodgeson, but Claude F. Corlett married twice in New Zealand and died in May 1906.
His brother, Benjamin Stott Corlett, died in March 1925, leaving four sons and two daughters.

Go to www.findagrave.com and run a search for Claude French Corlett in New Zealand and you'll see his place of burial and his bio.

What is, also, interesting is that you have a Maria Corlett Cubbon marrying a Peter Moore in 1860 in Braddan, IOM. Peter Moore is the son of Thomas Moore, who was the brother of my gggrandfather's mother, Jane Moore Cottier.

If you want to contact me off the board, my e-mail address is li2cot (at) aol.com

I'd appreciate any help on this Elizabeth Cottier Corlett line.