Manx Genealogy

Re: Robert Corlett & Elizabeth Cottier family

Thanks Frances for the info the two deeds. It appears that the Elizabeth Corlett mentioned in the 1808 will for William Cottier is the Elizabeth Cottier, who married Robert Corlett in 1800.

Elizabeth Cottier Corlett's first child, John Corlett, was born in Dec. 1800. So, I wonder if William Cottier, after the birth of the child in Dec. 1800, mortgaged his property in 1801 and put some of his property into a trust for Elizabeth Corlett.

Then you have in 1829, William Cottier's son, Revd. John Cottier handling the sale of the trust property to Robert Corlett. With the trust sale to Robert Corlett in 1829, I now wonder if Elizabeth Corlett was deceased by then.

In going back and looking at William Cottier's 1808 will, one of the people who had filed a small claim against the estate was a Robert Corlett. He was paid 22 pounds.

What further convinces me that I may have the right line is that Robert & Elizabeth Cottier Corlett's son, Robert Corlett, christened in 1807, gave one of his son's the first name of "Claudius," which, coincidentally is the first name of my gggrandfather, Claudius, Thomas Cottier, son of the Revd. John Cottier, who was the brother of the Elizabeth Corlett named in the 1808 will for Willlam Cottier.

I just wish that Elizabeth Cottier's father would have been named in the parish records when she married Robert Corlett in 1800. It would make things a lot simpler in proving that Elizabeth Cottier is the daughter of William Cottier