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More evidence to support the suggestion that Richard Waterson’s mother was Ann Thompson:

This is the marriage of one of Richard Waterson’s younger sisters:

Name Thomas Richardson
Birth Date 1835
Age 21
Spouse's Name Jane Eleanor Waterson
Spouse's Birth Date 1835
Spouse's Age 21
Event Date 25 Dec 1856
Event Place St. John'S, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Father's Name Thomas Richardson
Spouse's Father's Name William Waterson

Marital Status Single

Spouse's Marital Status Single

Image shows address Trowbridge Street, father William Waterson, joiner.

In 1881 and 1891, Jane gave her birthplace as Castletown, IOM.

If you look at the birth parishes of the children of the other “William and Ann Waterson” couples, you find:

WW and Ann Skinner --- Patrick
WW and Ann Moore --- Lonan
WW and Ann Millar --- Rushen
WW and Ann Gell --- German

And I’ve just noticed that in 1851, at Trowbridge Place, William Waterson, joiner, gave “Castletown, IOM” as the birthplace of himself, his wife and the 3 children who were still at home.

Jean C