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Liz (Forsyth)
With ref to the bulletins above I initially thought you had not progressed very far since 2006 but now, with help, you seem to have gone full circle.

Initially the postings/replies came from Canada and England ( which I read at the time) and more lately from as far a field as New Zealand, Australia and at least three parts of England

Therefore part of what I write may overlap and confirm!
Nb. I knew about John James Hunt from earlier research.

As my interest lies with the surname “CORLETT” I cannot help you with Thos Hunt
(The term “Engineer” has always been loosely used) any more than Brian did, and I do not know how you got from yourself to this particular one of many Catherine Corletts born around that time both on the Isle of Man and the English mainland and I do not know how many porkies she told.
I hope you have not relied on the internet resources!

Weather permitting it has always been a few hours sailing from The Isle of Man to places such as Liverpool
It is also often overlooked that in recent centuries there have been just as many births, marriages and deaths with manx surnames on the English mainland, particularly in Liverpool and surrounding areas.

Attached is something from our old files on Corlett.

Douglas is a mixed bag and the museum is not what it was but the North of the Isle of Man on a sunny summers day is second to none.

I wish you a safe and fruitful journey

Should you wish to go:-
I can tell you that Smithdown Road was a dingy main road with a mixture of Victorian/Edwardian three storey terraced houses including cellars and individual small shops/businesses. All in the Edge Hill district of Liverpool.
It was part of the inner circle 26/27 tram and bus route which terminated at the (untouched by German bombs)
Victoria Monument near the Pier Head and the Cavern.
This inner ring road also passed the Liverpool Spion Kop in Anfield.

Please note that as our original files were transferred to an old computer in the 1990s the layout is not perfect

20th Nov 1807
Wm = Marg’t
CORLETT Clarke (Clark)

Wm Corlett (Batchelor) and Marg’t Clarke
(Spinster) were married in this church by Licence
this twentieth day of November one thousand
eight hundred and seven _____ By me
E.V? Christian Vicar
This mariage ws solemnized between us
William Corlett and Marg’t Corlett late Clarke
my X Mrk in the presence of us ________
Wm Oates
Wm Ellison

Nb. All above was written in long hand.

Wm CORLETT born c`1783
Nb. Wm/William has been the most used boys name and Corlett is the second most used manx surname.
Therefore he can only be narrowed down in known records to about three possible born in Ballaugh.
However he would come from a long line of Corletts in that North West area of the Isle of Man.
He was a bachelor when married
He became a weaver.
Nb. He seems to be in the 1814 Peel census.
We find him in the 1841 census aged 58 Head at Great Nelson Street Douglas and a Weaver
With him is his wife Marg’t aged 57 and two children:-
William CORLETT aged 16
Susan CORLETT aged 15 a Dressmaker
All born on the I.O.M.
Ref HO107-1465a-Page 198
He died aged 67 and was buried on 23rd Nov 1850 at Braddan
Nb. It was noted :- Crosby/Marown and one grave bought!

Marg’t Clarke (Clark)
She was a spinster when married
She was not found after 1841

(/1910) James CORLETT chr 04th Sept 1808 @ Pk.
He possibly left the Island to marry Caroline ? From Cornwall and retire back to Douglas
If so we find him in the 1861 census as follows:-
James CORLETT aged 52? Head at Church Street Douglas a Married Pensioner born in Peel
Caroline CORLETT his wife aged 48 from Tarpormil? Cornwall England
Ref RG9-4417-page 85-36 (4417-43-36)
This couple were not found again
(/2145) Jane CORLETT chr 23rd Sept 1810 @ Pk.
We find her in the 1851 census as follows:-
William Corkhill aged 32 Head at No7 Factory Lane Douglas a Hatter born in Maughold
His wife Mary aged 31 born in Peel
Jane CORLETT sister in Law aged 40 an Upholsterer born in Peel
Plus four others
Ref HO107-2525b-Page 58-110
She was not found again
(+0819/4908) William CORLETT born/chr 16th Feb 1812 @ Gn.
He was dead by 1822
(+0090/0460) Cath. CORLETT born/chr 03rd July 1814 @ Gn.
Nb. According to bulletins she had a son John James Hunt to a Thos Hunt .
She later married Henry Boardman in Liverpool England c1840.
Nb. See Bulletins
(+0450/2598) John CORLETT born/chr 03rd July 1814 @ Gn.
He was not found again
(+0166/1008) Edwd CORLETT born/chr 10th Dec 1815 @ Gn.
He was not found again
(+0606) Mary Ann CORLETT born 07th Dec 1818 @ Gn.
(+0604/3638) Mary Ann CORLETT born/chr 07th Dec 1817 @ Gn.
Is this the same child?
She married 3054 William Corkill
(+0507/3041) Judith CORLETT born/chr 14th May 1820 @ Gn.
She was not found again
(+0820/4934) William CORLETT born/chr 08th Dec 1822 @ Gn.
He married 1083 Jane Quayle

1. Pages 1665,1668,1686,1688,1723,1732,1750,1766,1789,1838,1839,1840,1852.
5. Burials
9. Bulletins Sat. 10th June 2006 (x2) by Elizabeth Russell Forsyth and Frances,
Tues 24th Oct 2006, Wed 25th Oct 2006 Frances and Brian Lawson.
Tues 03rd Mar 2009 by Elizabeth Russell, Tues 02nd Feb 2010
And a lengthy thread in June 2017

See Misc1825.
Last revised w/e Sun. 02nd July 2017.

22nd Jan 1848
William = Jane

William Collett? ( partly erased and rewritten over) of the Parish of Andreas and Jane Quayle of This Parish were married in this church? By license? (with consent is crossed out) this twenty second day Day of Jan ey? In the year one thousand eight hundred and forty eight
By me John Edw Harrison Vicar
This Marriage was solemnized between us ( William Corlett
( Jane Corlett late Quayle
In the Prescence of ( Philip Kelly
( Judith Kelley?

No. 111
Nb. This was on a partly printed form with a plain border.

(1178/+0820/4934) William CORLETT
We find him in the census as follows:-
32 Duke Street William CORLETT md 28 Dyer Pl

Jane CORLETT w 30 As

Ann Allen un-niece 17 At Home As

John Hunt 12 Dyers Appr. As

Joseph Callow un 20 Dyers Appr. As

Eleanor Moughtin un 18 House Servant As
1851-HO107-2525b-page 35-13


12 Bucks Road Wm. CORLETT md 38 Grocer Pl

Jane CORLETT w 40 Be

1861-RG9-4419-page 47-10
Nb. This couple was not found again

Jane Quayle born c1820 in Andreas


1. Pages 1842,1843.
28. 1851,1861

See 1084. (This marriage was also transcribed by LDS as being on the 26th )
Last revised w/e Sun. 02nd July 2017.