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Sorry, Mike, I don't know anything about the family. I was just trying to help out with the censuses. I haven't read through your whole thread.

You should be able to find the births and then the deaths on www.freebmd.org.uk/ (for England) or on the burials index (for the IoM) by looking for them in the places given in the other censuses. For example, if they married c.1859 where were they in the 1861 census? Which children were with them there, if any? And the same for the 1871 census , etc. Can you list them here from all the other censuses, with rough dates of birth?

I just had a quick look at the website given above, and this looks like their marriage entry:
Marriages Dec quarter 1859:
Surname / First name(s) / District / Vol / Page
Bridson Margaret Jane W Derby 8b 698
Charnley Robert W Derby 8b 698.

If you order this online it should give you their fathers' names and occupations.