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The 1911 census which has only an index ref. on F.Search has Robert Charnley, Head, aged 82 Retired Master Mariner, b.Ulverston, Resident IoM, with wife Margret Jane aged 76, Boarding House Keeper, b.IoM Ramsey. They have been married 52 years with 10 children born alive but only three still living.
Also in the household is T. B. Mylechreest, Son In Law, aged 29, Grocer's Manager, b.IoM Lonan, with (Robert's) daughter A. L. Mylechreest aged 29, married 5 1/2 yrs with one child (alive), Assisting with Mother, b.Barrow, Resident IoM, and Grandson Leslie Mylechreest aged 4 1/2 b.IoM Douglas.
Also John Robert Brown Grandson aged 14, School, no birthplace given, and servant Julia Grogan aged 27 b. Lanc Liverpool, Resident IoM.
They all speak English (no Manx).
Robert Charnley wrote and signed the form writing that the house has 32 rooms, Postal address The Shaftesbury, Empress Terrace, Central Promenade, Douglas.