Manx Genealogy

CORRIN's of Foxdale/Malew etc.

I am trying to continue this part of my tree and cannot seem to get past this huge
stumbling block as I have several Robert's & Richard CORRIN's in my tree.

RICHD CORRIN; Male. Event(s):
Christening: 30 NOV 1794 - Malew, Isle Of Man,.
Extracted birth or christening record

POSSIBLE children of above:

1) John CORRIN b. 1780, Malew
2) Margaret CORRIN b. 1783, Malew
3) Elizabeth CORRIN b. 1785, Malew
4) Jane CORRIN b. 1787 d. 1787
5) Jane CORRIN b. 1789, Malew
6) William CORRIN b. 1792, Malew
7) Richard CORRIN b. 1794, Malew = Elizabeth STEPHENS.
8) Cath CORRIN b. 1797, Malew
9) Edward CORRIN b.1800, Malew.

My tree follows through Richard & Elizabeth CORRIN nee STEPHENS married on 19 Feb 1821 at Malew
and it is their family that has me confused especially with their children.
If anyone can help me sort out their children and any consequent marriages I would be very grateful.
I have a possible 12 ( some died young and more given same continuing familial first names?) Their names were:
1) Richard CORRIN b. 1821, Malew = Mary KEWLEYat Kirk Michael in 1842 ( My line of descent )
2) Jane CORRIN b. 1822, Malew
3) Jane CORRIN b. 1823, Malew
4) William CORRIN b.1825, Malew
5) William CORRIN b. 1826, Malew
6) Elizabeth CORRIN b. 1827, Malew
7) William Stephen CORRIN b. 1829, Malew
8) James b.1833, Malew = Sarah CLEGG, he was Headmaster at Briercliffe School, Burnley)
9) Thomas Flexney CORRIN b.1839, Malew
10) Robert CORRIN b. abt 1830, Malew POSSIBLY = Esther HALSALL in 1850?
10) Jane CORRIN b. Abt 1836, Malew
11) Phillip Stephen b. 1842, Malew

I have so many CORRIN's that I am getting bogged down with them, all and any help much appreciated, especially regarding censi for them,