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Re: Capt. Thomas Moore, privateer Fame

Hi Roy,
I was delighted to see your response to my old posting and I am more than willing to share all that I have on the Fame and Captain Moore. Anything you have would be appreciated. It is very difficult to patch together the various items I have on the Privateer Fame from Dublin with it's Captain Moore. To begin with I find items in newspapers and magazines of that time referring to both a Captain Edward Moore and a Captain Thomas Moore. I suspect that there were several vessels which were referred to as the Fame from Dublin. You mention that the Fame was built in 1778 in Dublin. I found an index of the Belfast Newsletter and found the following:

In the October 21-25, 1775 issue of the Belfast Newsletter the Fame of Dublin is mentioned , as well as it's commander, Captain Moore. (Belfast Newsletter).

21 to 24 March 1780, the privateer Fame of Dublin is reported by the Belfast Newsletter to be totally destroyed. It was driven ashore by a French Frigate and a greater part of the crew and officers were lost.

Anyway, I did find some references to the owners. I am going to do some cutting and pasting from something I wrote that tried to tie a bunch of references together. If we share emails I can send what I have written to you (I can't post it as it is lengthy and has a lot clips in it of little items from magazines, etc.

In the February 15 to 19, 1782 edition of the Belfast Newsletter there are reprints of two letters from Capt. Thomas Moore, commander of the Fame privateer. The letters were to Samuel Forbes, Dick Forbes and Edward Forbes. In one Thomas Moore mentions the capture of the copper bottomed Eagle, a schooner sailing from Marseilles to St. Domingo.

Also reported in the Feb 15 to 19, 1782 edition was the letter to the owners of the Fame, Captain Thomas Moore describes a battle fought with five French vessels in November 20, 1981. (Moore first encountered the ships on the evening of the 19th of November, but the battle did not take place until the 20th of November). This is a transcription of the letter that Mr. Thomas Moore, Captain of the Fame privateer of this port (Dublin) sent to Mess. Samuel Dick and Edward Forbes (owners of the Fame). A Samuel Dick and an Edward Forbes are noted to be founding members of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

The letter was published in the Historical Chronicle, under the heading of Domestic Intelligence. (I tried to post my transcription of the letter but the site would not accept it.)

I am more than happy to send you a copy of the scan (if I can dig it out of my rather untidy record keeping system). If I remember correctly, the owners lived in Dublin. I have tried searching for information related to them, but so far I haven't turned up anything.

I have not run across any information pertaining to the letters of marque or about the sale.