Manx Genealogy


Thanks very much Sue. Yes it was supposed to be Joseph Raisbeck and Ann Kermode. I have managed to put together much of the info on them from the IOM side and through, largely the Australian Electoral Rolls quite a bit of their family in Australia.

What I am most pleased about is your provision of the date and ship that the Raisbecks took to Australia; although going through pages of ship logs to try and find it, until your message it had eluded me.

In my message to Eric I had indicated that the Catherine Raisbeck, who married Henry Horsley, Lonan 11 Dec 1841; (her the d/o Francis Raisbeck) was the sister of Joseph Raisbeck. The 1851 IOM census lists a Henry and Catherine Horsley "next door" to Francis Raisbeck and the rest of the family which would support this connection, however, I don't have any birth/baptism data for confirmation. I believe she would have been born around 1821 in Cumberland England.

Thanks again for your help. I'll pursue the other sources of info you provided.