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Dear Liz,
How gracious for you to put a post to remember our Mother's, for your Mother's Day comes earlier than we in the USA. Mother is GONE now a month yesterday. Weepy still, hard to believe she is gone away,she was a WORLD WAR 2 SURVIVOR. She was daughter of a strong willed English family whom she left behind to come to AMERICA ALL ALONE, WENT BACK 60 YEARS LATER TO HER HOMETOWN OF LEICESTER ,worked during the war to help the war effort, a devoted wife of an AMERICAN SOLDIER from the 82nd Airborne, mother of five children who she adored, a Mima to nine grandchildren, a great Mima to 6 great grands, A CHRISTIAN who went on missions in TAIWAN AND ROMANIA after 9-11 World Trade centers were taken down by Terriost, that took great faith to travel right after that to a corn field in Romania to build a church at age 76. Woked until age 78, was sick unto death only a year ago, came through it, and came through again a month ago, a major surgery and died because of an infection, but fought courageously after a colon ressection, then a stent put in herheart, then congestive heart failure, then a blood clot in her leg, removed it, then another blood clot, 4 and half hour surgery to save her and her leg, and after a month of fighting all this in the hospital, death came. She was a formidable force, strong, we know they are mother's out there that have done more, given more, been more, loved more, worked more, suffered more,had more wonderful times, lived a GODLY life, been there for those who have no one, been great mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and I want to wish all those mother's a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. There is an old saying, " You can have many father's, but there is only ONE MOTHER, for she gives birth and nutures you until death she departs, which OUR MOTHER did. God bless all mothers' everywhere that sacriface and devote their lives to the care of their Offspring. NEVER WILL MOTHER SET HER FEET ON HER BELOVED HOME SOIL OF ENGLAND AGAIN, WE WERE LEAVING IN APRIL after waiting 6 years to come back, but now she has crossed the shore of time into everlasting eternity, where she shall be with her mother whom she had not seen since she was 19 years old and she was 85 when going HOME TO OUR LORD. So give your mother's all the love and care you can. HONOR AND OBEY them even in your adult life, they gave you life and love and care and we should always give them respect and take care of them in their winter years. HUG YOUR MOTHER TODAY, GO SEE HER, TAKE HER TO LUNCH, JUST BE THERE FOR HER, FOR ONE DAY SHE SHALL FLY AWAY AND YOU CANNOT DO THESE THINGS TO SHOW YOUR LOVE.TO HER.

Kindly yours,

Mrs. Rosa

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