Manx Genealogy

Maltby and Kerruish

I am researching my great-grandfather, Thomas Karran Maltby, who was Christened at Marown, IOM in 1836 and died in Victoria, Australia in 1893.

The 1851 IOM census shows him living at Conchan, IOM with his widowed mother Esther (nee Karran) and six siblings. Australian marriage records place him in the Colony of Victoria in October, 1857. I have no information on his movements between those two events, and in particular on his emigration from the IOM to Victoria.

He may have migrated in company with a John Kerruish, born in the IOM around 1833 (not to be confused with another John Kerruish who married Thomas's sister Ann Helena Maltby and I understand died on the IOM in 1904). The emigrant John Kerruish and Thomas Maltby both settled in the Victorian goldfields, and there is evidence of contact between their respective Australian families. This John Kerruish died in Sandhurst, Victoria in 1886. The death certificate names his parents as Robert and Margaret, gives his place of birth as "Unknown, Island of Man", and states that he had lived in the Colony for 32 years.

I would be grateful for any information on Thomas Karran Maltby or John Kerruish, particularly in the years between 1851 and 1857.