Manx Genealogy

John Cain of Kirk German IOM

I seek any help available from any volunteers at Kirk German Isle of Man. The information I have is the following: John Cain was born in 1740 on the Isle of Man, most probably near Kirk German. His wife was Ann Quirke. I know of only ONE child: William Cain, born Kirk German, Glenfaba, IOM 27 June 1764, died 2 January 1824 Kirk German, Glenfaba, Isle of Man. Elinor Kewin was William's family. His children: John Cain, Hugh Cain, Jane Caine, FWilliam Caine (b. 1792), Ann Cain (b. 1797), Thomas Caine (b. 1797 - 1841) and THomas Caine born 1808.

John Cain is a mystery thus far to our family. Anyone could help us would be great.