Manx Genealogy

Percy Quayle

There are 3 Percy Quayles in Lawson's Birth Index:
QUAYLE, Percy Douglas 13 May 1885 Douglas 525 QUAYLE, Joseph HOLDEN, Laura
QUAYLE, Percy 24 Aug 1897 Andreas 138 QUAYLE, William Cowley CRENNELL, Laura Jane
QUAYLE, Percy 11 Sep 1900 Ramsey 424 QUAYLE, Charles SMITH, Martha

1 Douglas Quayle
QUAYLE, Douglas 25 Mar 1891 Douglas 892 QUAYLE, Robert COWIN, Annie Agnes

Several Alfred Quayles
QUAYLE, Alfred Edward 20 Aug 1878 Lezayre 1 QUAYLE, John James COWLEY, Ann
QUAYLE, Alfred 29 Jul 1882 Douglas 379 QUAYLE, Robert COWIN, Annie Agnes
QUAYLE, Alfred Henry 14 Apr 1883 Arbory 89 QUAYLE, John CUBBON, Margaret
QUAYLE, Alfred 6 Mar 1884 Castletown 71 QUAYLE, John QUIRK, Ellenor
QUAYLE, Alfred 18 Aug 1892 Andreas 103 QUAYLE, John William FARGHER, Annie Robena
QUAYLE, Alfred Shimmin 7 May 1895 Ramsey 342 QUAYLE, John RADCLIFFE, Georgina
QUAYLE, Alfred 26 Sep 1897 Douglas 1321 QUAYLE, Alfred Waler CLUCAS, Esther Jane
QUAYLE, Alfred Thomas 28 Mar 1899 Douglas 1427 QUAYLE, Alfred Daniel CARROLL, Julia
QUAYLE, Alfred 3 Sep 1899 Ramsey 410 QUAYLE, William ARMSTRONG, Alice Jane

It would probably help to know the approximate time frames for your Quayles i.e. about when was your Percy Quayle born?

I don't see any IOM Percy Quayles 1840-80 (IGI)