Manx Genealogy

Re: Kaighin connection to Hall Caine

Hi Donna—you mean Jane, not Catherine don't you. (Anaesthetics and the toxins therein hang around a lot longer than some say.)
I have just read some excerpts from a book, emailed to me from Greg Kaighin. The Rev Caesar Caine was a scholar as being a writer of beautiful prose. But does anyone know any personal details about him, as to where he was educated or who helped burnish the skills he so obviously possessed? One wonders whether this Caesar and the famous, or infamous, Hall Caine might not carry some of the same literary genes, but joined before the 1700's, and beyond records. As I say, the mystery is still there. But, as the Zen Masters say 'who is this I of whom you speak?' Even twenty generations back and we have over a million forebears. One never knows what one gets from the Supermarket shelves of the human genome.