Manx Genealogy

Caines and Joughins

Donna, how brave of you to turn to genealogy so soon after your op. Letís hope it brings some relief.

Some of the confusion might be caused by the motherís name. In Sueís response to your message she gave the URL for Robert Hendryís posting. He tells us about John, who married Catherine Clucas, and his apparent double baptism at German. His motherís name was Christian Lace. Jane was baptised at Andreas 1793 Feb 10, daughter of Philip Joughin and Christian Vondy. Another sibling, Dorathy, was baptised at Andreas 1798 March 21, daughter of Philip Joughin and Christian Lace. There were two others, motherís name not stated. This suggests that Christian was known sometimes as Lace, sometimes as Vondy. Philip Joughin and Christian Lace were married at German 1791 Nov 19. She was baptised at Ramsey in May 1765. Her parents were John Lace and Dorothy Vaundy. I do not have the date of their marriage, but would not be surprised to find it close to Christianís baptism or after it.

Since you are good on Caines and Joughins, can you help with another long-standing query? There is a family of Cain Joughins in South Africa. An article in the Isle of Man Examiner of 2005 says that stonemason Thomas Joughin arrived in South Africa around 1855-60. He married Ellen Caine, of Ballasalla, on October 1, 1861 in Pietermaritzburg, Natal, and the couple had five sons and a daughter. The family reckon that Thomas was born about 1824. Have you any idea who this Thomas Joughin was, or Ellen Caine for that matter?