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John Quiggin

I am contacting you from Australia in hopes you can assist in honoring a former Ramsey, Isle of Man resident who was born there, later served in the American Civil War and afterwards migrated to Australia where he died and is buried.

His name was John Quiggin, the son of Philip Quiggin and Ann Killeen Kaneen who were married on May 9, 1819 at Andreas, Isle of Man. He was born on February 8, 1820 at Ramsay, Isle of Man, England and was christened on February 9, 1820 at Ramsey, Isle of Man; the eldest of seven children.

I am trying to learn anything I can relating to his early life and family and especially if at birth he was given a "middle" name.

I have built an Australian Memorial Website, www.acwv.info, dedicated to all the American Civil War veterans that are buried in Australia; to revive the history of their lives and insure they will never again be forgotten. To do so I have to validate their service records and to do that I need to learn what John Quiggin's middle name was and validate his life before he entered military life.

If you can provide me with any information or copies of any documents relating to him I would be most grateful. From information acquired to date I am sure he was such a veteran, but I am having trouble validating it because I don't know his middle name.

Any help you can provide would be most appreciated.


James Gray

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