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I'm not aware of a Walton Street in Douglas but it is probably 5 Dalton St. where a William Callister 24 , was boarding in 1881.

There was an Esther Jane Callister working as a domestic at King Williams College at the time.

She appears to be the brother of William and together with Alfred they make up the children of Thomas Callister and Esther Caine from Bride.

I'm not certain of the parentage as there were a few marriages of Thomas Callister and Esthers at the time.

The father appears to have died in 1862 and Esther Caine ? remarried to John Teare . They can be seen together with Alfred J Callister in the 1881 census in Bride.

Note that they had a son Thomas Teare and he may be the 'cousin' or half brother to Esther Jane who was the policeman.

By 1901 there was a Mabel Edwards from the Isle of Man in Liverpool working as a dressmaker but her mother may have followed Charles to his home area in Surrey.

Did Mabel marry a Benjamin Earl in Liverpool 1902 ?

Len Faragher