Manx Genealogy

Evan CORKILL, Elizabeth QUAYLE, m1852

Hello. I'd like to repost my interest in learning more about my great-great-grandparents:

Evan CORKILL / CORKHILL was born on the IOM in 1827, and was one of ten children born to John and Esther (?) CORKILL in the Lezayre Parish.

Evan was a Mariner, and probably lived on the IOM until his marriage in 1852.

Elizabeth QUAYLE was probably born around 1830, but I don't know where. And, I don't know anything about her parents. Elizabeth married Evan CORKILL in Liverpool, England, at the end of 1852. I have not yet found out whether she was living in Liverpool in the 1851 Census, or whether she also moved to Liverpool at the time of her marriage.

The only children I know about are five children born in Liverpool between 1860 and 1871. I am descended from Mary CORKILL, b1860 Liverpool. Mrs. CORKILL died in 1873, and the children went to live in the Liverpool Sheltering Homes. In 1874 they were "sent to Canada."

I would like to find out if other children were born to Evan and Elizabeth closer to their marriage, possibly a son, Evan, born around 1852.

Evan CORKILL, the father, lived into his 70's, or about 20 years after his children were sent to Canada. I have no way of knowing whether he remained in contact with them

(There was an Evan CORKILL in Liverpool, who died around Age 30, and I wondered whether he was related to my ancestor.)