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McYlcharane/Mylecharain of Lezayre c1720

William Mylecharane (varyingly spelt!) died in Lezayre 3 Nov 1720. His wife? ( estranged? ) Mary Qualtrough appears to have died one month earlier on 3 October 1720.

His living wife appears to be a Killip, d/o of Thomas Killip.

{Mary Qualtrough had a brother Ewan/Evan of Rushen whose daughter Margery Qualtrough married John Gawn in Rushen in 1710. Mary & Ewan possibly had a brother John.}

William' Mylecharane's will is a very long and involved document mentioning many names some of whom are hard to genealogically place so am seeking assistance from anyone interested in this family line.....

{The full document can be read at:


Thank you Frances for your wonderful transcription}

Among many mentioned are the following... it seems some/all (2 or more?) of his children are under age in 1720:

Only son Thomas Mylecharane
Silvester Kewne who with his son Edmund Kewne is a beneficiary. Silvester is also an overseer of the children.
other children underage, so must be daughter/s.
a Catherine Sayle (beneficiary of property)
Mr Casement of the Kelley
John Sayle, William Kelly, John Craine, Dan Kewne, William Chonelly & Mitchell Mylecharane all owed money

Also owing him were: Thomas Tear, Robert Clarke, Jane Callister, Thomas Clerke snr, John Kewley, John Curghey, Margett Cowley, Patt Crenill, Thomas Christian, Ewan Curghey, William Skinner & Edward Kneale

The testator was in debt to: John Kinred & Philip Cally

Another William Mylecharane is mentioned as a beneficiary,

His "father in law Thomas Killip' is mentioned which indicates he was married to a Killip

His son (Thomas) to enter upon the land at 16 years of age and his daughter named as Isable is sole executor (but she is under age......)

Witness were John Corlett & Silvester Kewne.

At probate it states:

"The Executrix being underage, the overseer Thomas Killip & Silvester Kewn are sworn in Court in form of Law. Inventory & pledges within a month. The goods and children in the Motherís hands who hath given pledges Thomas Killip & Mr. John Garret. xxx 24, 1720"

This infers the mother is still alive and with Thomas Killip f-i-l, perhaps the wife at death of the testator was a Killip, and not Mary Qualtrough.... was Mary an estranged wife?

Mary Qualtrough is mentioned several times in the inventory. There is also an inventory for Mary Qualtrough who died one month before William and in her inventory it mentions a legacy to John Gawn....it also mentions a legacy to her grandchild Isabel Mylecharane Mary Qualtrough is also mentioned as Mary Mylcharane

Then comes the following:

"Trinity Ryshen, November 7th, 1720, I Ewan Qualtrough brother of Mary McYlcharayne lately deceased, do hereby impower my son in law John Gawn to receive whatever legacy or legacies my said sister bequeath to me in her last will and also upon receipt of the same to give unto her Executor or Executors a discharge in my behalf for the same being by reason of old age and other infirmities not able to travel, so far, as witnesseth my subscription the day and year above written. [signed] Ewan Qualtrough. October 11, 1721: Received the above ten shillings by me. [signed his mark] John Gawn. "

Several claims are entered and legacies acknowledged.

This is then followed by:

"This day John McYlcarane for himself & Mother has paid unto John Kelly husband of Cath: Kelly als Killip the just sum of forty shillings, he the said John Kelly acknowledging also that he received forty shillings before from Michael McYlcarane, which in all completes the sum of four pounds mentioned in the last will of Wm. McYlcarane, and does hereby acquit and discharge the said John McYlcarane and xxxx as also the Executors of Michael McYlcarane of the same forever. Witness my mark to my name [signed his mark] John Kelly. Before me Edwd Moore, Regr. Whereas Michael McYlcarane of Ballaugh was indebted to his kinsman William McYlcarane of Lezayre the sum of four pounds, and the said William having in his will made about November 1720, declared the half of the said sum was to lie in the said Michaelís hands until the end of twelve years the said Williamís wife part of which four pounds being paid February 17, 1728, as by a discharge xxx the hand of John Kelly her present husband appears. Therefore we Cath: & John McYlcarane the widow and Executrix of the above Michael McYlcarane, do hereby oblige ourselves, our Executors or Administrators to pay the other part, vizt., forty shillings to Cath: Kelly als Killip mother of the Executrix of the said William McYlcarane, who is by his will to have the goods until the said Executrix arrive to 21 years of age, and this at expiration of the term above mentioned. Witness our subscriptions this 20th of May 1731. [signed their marks] Cath. McYlcarane, John McYlcarane.

In presence of John Woods, Vicar General. KK Michael, December 18, 1739, John Killip in behalf of his Father Thomas Killip has now paid to Isabel McYlcarane the Executrix of her father William McYlcarane the sum of three pounds, being the deadís part of the dowry promised by the said Thomas to the Father & Mother of the said Isabel, and this pursuant to an order granted in that case. Before me, Edw: Moore. I do acknowledge to have this day to have received at and from the hands of my stepfather John Kelly, in part of what is due to me as Executrix to my father William McYlcarane deceased the sum of ten pounds Manx currency, as witness my hand this 18th day of January 1739. [signed her mark] Isabel McYlcarane. Witnesses: William Christian, John Kewen. I do acknowledge to have this day received from my stepfather John Kelly the further sum of thirteen pounds, for and upon the account of what is due to me as Exeuctrix to my father William McYlcarane deceased, as witness my hand this 2nd of October 1741. [signed her mark] Isabel McYlcarane. Witnesses: Thomas Tear, Thomas Christian.

June 29th, 1744: Ewan Callow husband of Isabel McYlecarane came this day to the Registry and acknowledged the three annexed receipts containing in all twenty six pounds as also that he received the further sum of eight pounds from his father in law John Kelly and does hereby acquit and discharge his said father in law for so much. Before me Robt. Radcliffe, Registrar.

xxx 13th, 1745: Thomas McYlcarane came this day to the Registry and acknowledged to have received from his stepfather John Kelly the sum of severn pounds two shillings 3 pence which was due unto him by the death of his father William McYlcarane as appears by annexed Inventory and does hereby acquit him the said Kelly and Executors for so much. Before me Robt Radcliffe Regr. Item, an ox and 2 horses 5 pounds 0 shillings 0 pence; barley 0:2:11; oates 0:9:5; 4 sheep 0:9:4; the above particulars 1:0:8; Total 7:2:4.

March 28th, 1759: Thomas McYlcharane came this day to the Registry and acknowledged to have received from his stepfather John Kelly the silver cross and the piece of silver belonging to it, and does therefore acquit him & his sister[should be mother] Cath: Kelly of the same forever. Before me Matths Curghey, Regr."


Is Catherine Kelly nee Killip the surviving wife of the testor (who remarried to John Kelly?) who had a brother John Killip

Isabel Mylcharane the executor has a step-father John Kelly...she seems to marry to Ewan Callow

Is Thomas a full or half brother of Isabel?

Apologies for the long involved posting, but I would appreciate any assistance in sorting out relationships. And if anyone links with family or has done research pls make contact at elizabeth@qualtrough.org

Thank you in advance

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