Manx Genealogy

William Kelly

I have a burial certificate for a William Kelly buried May 1st 1863 at German. He was from Ballacraine and aged 71yrs at his death making his birth year 1792/1793.

I think This might be my G X 3 grandfather who resided at Scra Volley I have records of him there on the 1841, 1851 census but can't find in all my paperwork as to whether he still lived there in 1861 when the census was taken again.

His wife was Ann nee Quane and she was said to be four years younger than William on the 1851 census, him being 58 and Ann 54 respectively.

1) Can anyone find them on the 1861 census?
2) Does anyone else claim that the William Kelly's death certificate I have is a different man?

I know I need to find a will or Parish records to clarify things and I will get to that next all being well through family at home one day! In the mean time I wondered if anyone on this board could help. I have looked briefly through Brian's site regarding Index of Wills and I don't see one close to his date of death which so many other ancestors seem to be, could one have been made earlier? I guess it is possible, where are will's kept? How do I obtain a copy?

This particular line I only have back 5 generations as oppose to others which I have back now 15 generations. I know that Kelly is a common name but Quane is less so and yet I can find nothing about William and Ann regarding their parents.

They married Feb 24th 1816 at Kirk Patrick FYI

Thanks again in anticipation

Kind regards

Sue Smith