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I am not sure why I did not get an email about your reply and it has taken much time to find this again.

I may be referring to you in the last post, but got the names mixed up. If that is the case, I am sorry and no offense was intended.

But still I am lookng for the link to the family in Scotland. I have found on the Manx site a referrence to a William Brideson (Brydson) on the Manoral Rolls about 1600-1650 that has both spellings. I am not sure if this is the line to follow or not.

I do have a John Brydson b. abt 1576 (no location) d. 1613 that married a Jane Tubman but have o further information on them.

I can show a steady set of links to John Brydson b. 1706 in Buittle Parish, Kirkcudbright, Scotland that married a Janet Co(u)pland in the same area. Then nothing before that.

I am trying to establish a link to the Isle of Mann as there is considerably more history there, (and well documented, I might add) but I can find not links to the movement to Scotland.

They are some records of movement to other parts of the world (America, Austrailia, etc..) but most of those involve a spelling that is either Bridson, Brideson, Bryson, ect. I am trying to find the connections to either a movement to Ireland or Scotland in order to link the various spellings to the line I have.
Can you help with any of this or point me in a direction that might help?

I have been researching most of the known places. the IGI, LDS, Ancesty.com, Familysearch.com, Rootsweb.com etc.. All provide several variations of the name and I can find most have a link to Ireland, Scotland, or Isle of Mann individually. None have provided a link yet to each other.

The search goes on!