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Re: Arnold Callin
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Message for 'Kibby', David Callin and Rhonda Wambolt: Re messages August - November 2003.
I have just noticed your exchange of messages from last year. Brenda Metrow of Calgary has also just contacted the BB re Callins last week.
I believe we are all descended from the same people: Robert (1751) Callin and his wife Ellinor Callin (nee Cowin). I found their will at the Museum last year.
I have made contact with Brenda and we are exchanging information.
Can any of you reading this, i.e. Kibby, David &/or Rhonda please contact me through the BB or preferable direct on paul@conrhenny.co.uk. I think we have a great opportunity to fill in a lot of gaps between us.
p.s. Arnold is my mother's second cousin